BCI Networks is a leading provider of
technology in the Long Term Care and
Retirement industry across North America

We are a single source provider for your entire
communications, life safety and security infrastructures.

Whether you currently operate an existing residence
or are developing a new one, BCI will provide you
with the right solution for your environment.
Nurse Call and Wireless E-Call Systems
BCI Networks provides wired and wireless nurse call systems for Long Term Care, Assisted Living and Independent Living Retirement Communities. We set up the Nurse Call Systems in new builds and retro fits. Each Community has its own outlook on Wires vs. Wireless Nurse Call Systems and we carry different Nurse Call Systems for each. Our Wired solutions include 2Way Voice and Suite Pull Stations and pendant for residents. Our Wireless Solutions provide Suite Pull Stations and pendants but provide staff with an accurate description and locations of the resident (i.e. Suite or “Corridor 5 outside of the Dining Room”).
Telephone Systems and Mobility
BCI Networks provides Communication Systems for the Retirement Industry. Our Communication Systems; Digital and VoIP technologies, combine stationary administrative telephones along with wireless handheld telephones for mobile staff. Optionally resident suites can also be integrated with the main Communication System. We have a multitude of Communication System to choose from so you know that you are receiving the best solution that fit your needs.
Revenue Generation
The current trend in the Retirement Industry is to provide telephone and/or internet services to residence and generate monthly revenue. Your Retirement Community will be able to generate revenue by re-selling telecom services/dial tone to the residents. This will help offset capital costs laid out to provide the communication systems and emergency response system and in the long term, becoming a profit center.
Asset and Resident Tracking
Resident / Asset Tracking are becoming an integral part of newer Nurse Call Systems. Most systems can only tell you the “location” of the resident when the resident presses the pendant or pull cord. Our Nurse Call Systems have the option of tracking the resident even if they didn’t press a pendant for help (3-5 minute increments). This allows staff to quickly find a resident in the building as well as track habits and history of resident movement patterns.
Card Access and CCTV
Keeping residents and staff is the number 1 priority of any Retirement Community. BCI Networks Card Access and CCTV Systems work to accomplish this. Using Access Cards/FOB’s along with CCTV System provide peace of mind to everyone knowing that they are in a safe and secure retirement community. The Card Access systems are not in place to restrict access, they are in place to provide access to those who are work and live in your Community.
Voice and Data Wiring
Our team of engineers and technicians provide the cabling services for all of the low voltage cabling in a Retirement Community. We work with the Electrical Contracts and Engineers to ensure that the backbone of your community is done up properly, and is also a building that is set up for the future.
Situational Awareness
The life safety of your building is just as important as the life safety of residents and staff. Our Situational Awareness System helps the maintenance and environmental management teams to accomplish this through the integration of Fire Panels, Refrigerator and Freezer temperatures and many more.
Music and Home Theatre Systems
BCI Networks Music and Home Theatre Systems are one of a kind. Our Music Systems let you set up different zones for the different activities that take place in your Community. The Exercise Room, Lounges, Dining Room and Corridors can all have their own Source Selector. Each room can pick a music source that fits the activity or mood setting. Our Theatre System’s 120’ screen for movie night, interactive fitness games or general engagements along with surround sound system provide residents with a unique entertainment experience.